FxPro is a broker whose advertisements appear a lot all over the Internet. It shows that this broker is very strong at marketing and confident in their trading platforms and services. So is FxPro really good? Should we open FxPro accounts? Is it only for the pros as the name says? Let’s find out the answer today.

Why you should open FxPro accounts

FxPro only has one forex regulation: FCA of the U.K. It is understandable because its main market is the U.K to be specific and Europe. However, FCA is a very reliable and prestigious regulation, so we can be confident about FxPro’s credibility. Having only one regulation can actually be an advantage because FxPro won’t have to limit its features and services for traders.

FxPro’s spread is relatively high since it is a UK broker. All UK brokers have high spreads due to the FCA forex regulation. FxPro’s spread is around 1.5 pips for the main currency pairs.

The main strength of FxPro is the trading platform. FxPro improves the common MetaTrader platform to the MetaTrader suite for both MT4 and MT5 as well as cTrader for smart phones. This platform has helped FxPro win many awards on trading platform around the world. It offers traders countless trading options. You can choose whatever you like depends on your trading styles and strategies.

Finally, the Support team of FxPro is very strong. They are available for customers 24/5 and can communicate in various languages. This is rare for UK brokers.

FxPro accounts

FxPro accounts are a little different from other brokers. They are not categorised by target clients or features. They are categorised by the trading platform you choose. So let’s take a look at the accounts of FxPro.

FxPro MT4 account

Just as its name, this account is available on the MT4 trading platform of FxPro only. This account has both floating and fixed spread, so your trading style can be flexible. The FxPro MT4 account is completely free of commission, even for fixed spread. Therefore, it is suitable for both beginners in forex trading as well as the experts. Since it is also for experts, the minimum deposit is pretty high, at $500. For Market execution, there is no requote.

FxPro MT5 account

The FxPro MT5 account is more suitable for new or inexperienced traders. It doesn’t offer fixed spread fixture. The spreads for the major currency pairs are a little lower than those of MT4 account. In addition, this account doesn’t charge commission as well. No requotes for this account. Minimum deposit is also 500 dollars. Other features are similar to the MT4 account. 

fxpro accounts

FxPro cTrader account

The FxPro cTrader account is similar to the MT5 account since it has floating spread only. However, the spreads of this account is much tighter than the other two platforms, only 0.4 pip for major pairs. However, now it charges commission. For each completed 1-million lot, you will be charged $45. Other features of this account are the same as the MT5 account.

FxPro can be considered the broker for professional traders just as its name. The pros choose it because it is reliable, secured, and advanced. Thanks to its cutting edge trading platforms, more and more people are turning to FxPro accounts everyday.

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