FBS is an excellent forex broker for Asian traders. Their main target is the Asian forex market so they have a lot of great features and promotions for traders in those countries. The most attractive feature of FBS is their bonus and promotion. But is it applied to all of their accounts? Let’s go into details and see why you should open FBS accounts.

Why you should open FBS accounts

FBS has acquired the regulations of CySEC and IFSC. Only those two are enough to guarantee your safety when you’re trading with FBS. Unlike other brokers, FBS strikes for clients’ trust by winning many awards for forex brokers in various countries and regions.

FBS spreads for the regular accounts are around 1.1 pips, which are reasonably low. Moreover, FBS has both a Zero spread account and an ECN account. So, traders can really enjoy the low trading cost there when trading with FBS.

The most intriguing feature of FBS is obviously their trading bonus. FBS has all types of bonus for traders. They have the 100% Deposit Bonus which will give back all your money the first time you deposit at FBS. Their welcome bonus name Trade 100 Bonus is also very good. They give you $100 for free when you register and you can take that profit with you if you win your first trades. Moreover, they have a loyalty program called Cash Back Bonus. For every lot you trade, you can get 7 dollars back when you complete a trade.

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FBS accounts

FBS Cent account

FBS Cent account is amazing for new traders and beginners in forex trading. The minimum deposit required is only 1 dollar, a very competitive price. Zero commission. Spreads for the major currency pairs are about 1.1 pips. The highest leverage rate is 1:1000. You can open up to 200 pending orders at once, a feature that not many brokers allow for new traders.

FBS Standard account

To open an FBS Standard account, you have to deposit at least 100 dollars. If you’re an experienced trader now, you know that’s not a lot of money to deposit. The spreads of the Standard account are even lower than those of Cent account. Leverage is much, much higher, up to 1:3000. And of course, it is commission free.

FBS Zero Spread account

The FBS Zero Spread account is an account designed to have zero spread. Traders who choose this account don’t have to worry about the spread when trading anymore. Spreads can change a lot if the market is volatile, so being able to let that worry go is a good thing. Since spread is now zero, commission is charged at the rate 20 dollars per lot. Leverage is still very high, 1:3000. Moreover, you have to deposit at least $500 to open this Zero Spread account.

FBS ECN account

FBS does have a true ECN account. Its required minimum deposit is $1000. That’s understandable since ECCN account is for experts only, who trade millions daily. The commission is $6. No limit on the number of pending orders. However, the leverage is pretty low, only 1:500.

fbs accounts

In conclusion, FBS is a reliable forex broker who aims at the Asian market. It has a reputation for winning many forex awards as well as offering traders many interesting bonuses. Those are the reasons why you should open FBS accounts. Hope you will succeed with FBS.


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