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CMC Markets is one of the top forex brokers in the United Kingdom market. It was founded in 1989. The strongest point of this broker is a very competitive price range and the lowest spread you can find in the market. Let’s see if CMC Markets is good enough and why you should open CMC Markets accounts.

CMC Markets accounts

Why you should open CMC Markets accounts

Having obtained the FCA regulation and being a UK broker, CMC Markets is very reliable and safe to trade with. Besides the FCA, CMC Markets has also acquired the forex regulations of other markets like Australia (ASIC), Canada (IIROC), and Singapore (MAS). Client’s fund is kept separately in various banks across Europe. You can rest assured while trading with CMC Markets.

If you care about trading cost, CMC Markets is the broker for you. This broker offers the lowest possible spreads in the market, only 0.4 to 0.7 pip for the main currency pairs. This is amazing for scalpers. Moreover, this broker doesn’t require any initial minimum deposit rate. You can put it as much money as you want.

Unlike other brokers, CMC Markets chooses the HTML5 as its main platform. Although it is not common, you can rest assured that trading platform of CMC Markets is fast, reliable, and has all the bells and whistles. In fact, CMC Markets creates many exclusive tools and features that can assist traders greatly.

Furthermore, if you like the MetaTrader platform, CMC Markets also lets you trade on the MT4 platform. In addition, traders can only use the automatic trading systems on the MT4 platform.

CMC Markets accounts

CMC Markets has 2 account types: CFD account and Corporate account. These two accounts are very similar in various aspects with only minor differences. Let’s go into details of both accounts.

CMC Markets CFD account

The best feature of the CMC Markets CFD account may be no deposit required. You can deposit any amount you want and enjoy the one of the best forex brokers in Europe. Moreover, this account has the boundary orders, which help preventing slippages from happening. On this account, you can use more than 80 different indicators that get CMC Markets multiple awards. The number of currency pairs available for trading is over 300. The highest leverage is 1:500. Spread for the main pairs is around 0.4 to 0.7 pip. It is one of the lowest rates in the industry. Finally, you can enjoy the rebate program of CMC Markets on this account. It will rebate you 5 to 10 dollars for every million traded.

CMC Markets accounts

CMC Markets Corporate account

This account is very much similar to the CFD account. No minimum deposit rate required. Rebate program. Very low spread. Maximum leverage: 1:500. Trade up to more than 300 different pairs. The only difference is that CMC Markets Corporate account doesn’t allow cryptocurrency trading.

In conclusion, we can clearly see that CMC Markets is a very big and reliable forex broker from the U.K. that has exceptionally low prices. Although, it doesn’t have a strong and advanced trading platform, the prices and security are enough to answer why you should open CMC Markets accounts.

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