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Exness has long been established as a trustworthy and transparent forex broker in the world. And especially in Thailand, Exness is considered the best forex broker for Thai traders. Let’s find out why Exness Thai is so good to the traders in this country.

Exness Thailand is super safe

Traders’ funds will absolutely be protected by Exness when they are trading with this broker. Exness is regulated by CySEC and FCA, two of the world’s most prestigious forex regulations, so you can rest assured that everything you have will be safe-guarded and if problems arise, you will be compensated properly. Moreover, what really impresses traders worldwide is the transparency of Exness Thai. On the broker’s home page, you can find all the financial reports as well as business records. They don’t hesitate to show clients how they’re doing in terms of business. No other brokers have done the same thing.

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Exness supports in Thai

Not every Thai trader is fluent in English, so it would be great if a broker can do things in their mother tongue. On the homepage, Exness has the Thai option that lets you read everything in Thai. Moreover, there is a customer service hotline in Thailand which customers can call to get help in office times. Last but not least, Exness sometimes host educational seminars as well as training programs for Thai traders. The way they do service in Thai really helps them score in the eyes of Thai forex traders.

Exness Thai has very low cost

Of all the brokers who have the FCA regulation, Exness is among the best in terms of trading cost. For starters, Exness only requires 1 US dollar (~31 Baht) from traders to open a Standard account. Exness spreads and commissions are also among the lowest, with tight spreads from only 0.1 pip and just $7 (~217 Baht) for commission. Although they have very low cost, Exness has the highest leverage in the market, 1:Unlimited. No other forex brokers can offer this rate.

Exness has the best services

One of the best trading features that Exness offers is a deposit/withdrawal system. Exness has the most advanced and modern system that can transfer your money in minutes. This is a feature that no other brokers can copy. Exness payment system is 100% automatic. You can deposit money into your account or withdraw interest after only a minute. While for other forex brokers, that process can take hours and sometimes even days. Moreover, Exness works closely with Thai local banks as well as various e-wallets in order to give you the lowest transaction fees possible.

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Exness has 4 types of accounts suitable for all classes of traders, from beginners to experts. If you are a beginner, you should try Standard Cent account. Exness only requires 1 dollar to start trading, which is perfect for beginners who don’t have much money or are still too afraid to try forex trading. Exness Standard and Pro accounts are for casual and experienced traders. Professionals like to trade with Exness Zero account because this is the best account for them.

Slippage rarely occurs at Exness and Exness Thai does not charge swap fees for cryptocurrency transactions.

So as you can see, Exness really focuses on the Thai forex market, which make them constantly working to bring Thai traders the best forex trading conditions ever. If you are a forex trader living in Thailand, you should definitely give Exness Thai a chance because it is the broker for success.

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