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New traders and beginners always have the same questions given to me, a trader with 5 years of experience with Exness, the top 10 Forex brokers, for example: the quality, reliability and scammer of Exness. So, I think this article would help to clarify the reasons why I and many traders love Exness trading. Then, you would have a better savvy about this broker.

While there are advantages and drawbacks of brokers, the standards to assess the performance of brokers are the trading conditions and features of brokers. You should expect those standard suit your circumstances. As one of the best brokers, Exness is a reliable broker to work with. Professional traders are enjoying this large and famous broker. Exness offers the best trading environment that no other brokers can beat.

Exness review

Direct instant withdrawal scheme

As the biggest broker, Exness Forex broker operate the key feature regarding the outstanding instant withdrawal. It only takes you millisecond to complete a transaction reflecting the mean of this system. The success of Exness in running this system due to the automatic computerized machine, which is much faster than our human beings. You can see the difference when you trade with other brokers. The system of Exness is the fastest. Just have a trial to compare between the biggest broker like Exness and others to realize the crystal clear difference. The traders love Exness due to this feature.

Exness Account ranges

There are four different account ranges in Exness, including Cent, Mini, Classic and ECN. Depending on your own trading strategy, you should choose a suitable account among those. The Cent and Mini account is best for trial and practicing where the minimum deposit as low as $1.

In case you might not know:

  • HotForex reviews: A professional broker with many years of operation. This broker has medium price range, security for traders, and a great customer service team.
  • Forex.com reviews: A top broker in the US. Very reliable with multiple top-tier regulations. Forex.com also has really low fees.

Customer support service of Exness

As one of the top 10 forex brokers, Exness is a customer-centric broker. Particularly, not only support in English like other brokers, Exness provides the 24/7 customer support center in Chinese,Bahasa Malaysia, Thai, Vietnamese and Persian. Each country has its customer service center. Hence, traders are worry free of non-English Speaker. They are fully covered to begin trading with Exness. Meanwhile, the report of Exness is issued by Deloitte, one of the biggest audit companies all over the world; therefore, their provided information is reliable.

The lowest Spread of Exness

Exness offers the lowest spreads in the industry. a fixed spread of a currency pair is traded at the tightest spread which no broker can beat. Besides, as the best ECN broker, Exness’ spreads are also the lowest regarding the 6 most commonly chosen currency pairs. The spreads of Exness are available here.


The highest leverage

While being the best ECN broker, Exness offers the possible highest leverage, in such, up to unlimited. The beginners and new traders consider this high leverage as risks. Meanwhile, the experience ones believe this leverage as safe trade. For example, while two traders has the same order sizes and deposit amount, the one with higher leverage is safer. On the other hand, unlimited leverage offer the free charge for margins. Your order of unlimited leverage can be kept for free. 

Overall, Exness is the reliable broker providing traders with the best trading environment. Top6forexbrokers hope this Exness review gives you more confident in deciding to work with this broker.

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