The need to find a good forex broker from traders is totally understandable. You can only succeed in forex trading when you are trading with a decent forex brokers. That’s why today I want to provide a list of the top trusted forex brokers in the world right now. I hope that with this list, you can find yourself a suitable forex broker for your strategies and find success in fx trading.

Each broker has its strength and weakness. No broker is like another. However, to become a good forex broker, brokerages have to meet certain standards, which are reliability, trading cost, trading conditions, and customer service. The brokers in my list are ranked from best to worst based on those standards.

Exness reviews

Exness is one of the biggest retail brokers these days. Their trading volume is impressive, which means thousands of traders choose Exness to work with.

Exness reliability

For reliability, Exness has the forex regulations of CySEC and FCA. Forex regulation is the tool that financial organizations around the world use to monitor the activities of the best forex brokers in the world. When a forex broker is able to acquire a regulation, it is safe to trade with. However, forex regulations can limit quite some features from a broker in order to keep traders safe. I’m not saying that those features are dangerous or something. If you can stick to your risk management plan, you’re fine. Yet a lot of traders seem to be unable to do so. Therefore, forex regulations must lay out some restrictions.

If a broker has too many regulations, there will be too many limits and you won’t want to work with such broker. A broker should have two or three regulations maximum, and in our case, Exness has two, which is reasonable.

Exness trading cost

Trading cost is usually the top priority when traders look for a broker. Everyone wants a fx broker with low trading cost. To know whether it is cheap or not, traders should look at that broker’s spread and commission, the two main cost of trading. Spread is the fee when you trade regular accounts and commission is the fee when you trade ECN account because the spreads of ECN account are nearly zero. 

Exness spread for the most common currency pair, EUR/USD, is 0.8 pip. That’s one of the lowest spreads in the market. For the 6 most common pairs, Exness spread is also one of the tightest. Exness doesn’t have any bonuses or discounts. They have a forex trading contest occasionally.

As of commission, Exness has the lowest trading commission in the market. They only charge $2.5 for each lot traded. This is the price that no other brokers can compete. Exness commission is one of the main reasons professional traders decide to work with this broker.

Exness trading conditions

One of the best trading features that Exness provides is its deposit/withdrawal system. Exness has the most advanced and modern system that can transfer your money in a matter of minutes. This is a feature that no other broker can copy. Exness payment system is 100% automatic. You can deposit money in your account or withdraw your profit in just a minute. While with other brokers, that process can take hours and sometimes even days.

Exness has 4 types of account that suit all classes of traders, from beginners to experts. If you’re a beginner, you should try out Exness Cent account. Exness requires only 1 dollar to start trading, which is perfect for beginners who don’t have much money or are still too afraid to try forex trading. Exness Mini and Classic account are for normal and experienced traders. Experts love to trade with Exness ECN account because it is the best account for them.

Exness quotes are really good. Slippages rarely happen at Exness. Moreover, Exness doesn’t charge swap for crypto-currency trading.

Exness customer service

Exness has five total official offices in Cyprus, Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Singapore. If you can’t come to their offices, you can find support from online chat or email, which is available 24/7. Not only English, Exness can support traders in many other languages like: Russian, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portugese, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic.

XM reviews

XM reliability

XM is among the top 10 forex brokers in the world currently. It has 3 forex regulations: CySEC from Cyprus, ASIC from Australia, and IFSC from Belize. They are all acceptable regulations in the market. Moreover, you can view the company’s policies on every forex-related matter right on the website.

XM trading cost

XM used to be said to have high spreads. Indeed they did. However, in the beginning of 2019, they introduced the Ultra Low account, which has spread as low as 0.8 pip. If you want to trade with other accounts of XM, don’t worry just yet. Their spreads may be high, but the total trading cost is not high at all. How? It is because of XM’s bonus programs.

For the most common pair, EUR/USD, XM charges about 1.7 pips. However, XM also has a lot-back program that gives you back 3 to 10 dollars for every complete transaction. It will help reduce your trading cost down to 1 to 1.4 pips. Furthermore, you can get back up to 100% of your deposit amount thanks to XM deposit bonus. The trading cost of XM doesn’t seem so high anymore.

XM trading conditions

Speaking of trading conditions, XM is best known for its trading platform. XM MT4 and MT5 trading platform is state of the art and packed with convenient and powerful tools. XM also has a fast deposit/withdrawal system with many local banks from various countries.

Apart from the Ultra Low account that I mentioned above, XM also has XM Micro account, the most suitable for beginners, XM Standard account for experienced traders. XM doesn’t have a true ECN account. And for Islamic traders, XM has the Islamic account that is swap free.

XM customer service

XM supports clients 24/7 with live chat in Malaysia, Chinese, Greek, Russian, Indonesia, French, Italian, Swedish, German, Polish, Spanish, Korean, Portugese, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino, Dutch, and Arabic.

HotForex reviews

HotForex reliability

With the aim to serve traders safely in as many countries as possible, HotForex has up to 5 forex regulations, which are SV, FCA, DFSA, FSCA, and FSA. 

Their daily average trading volume is around 200 billion dollars, a very impressive number for a broker whose main target is Asia.

HotForex trading cost

Although HotForex can’t afford low spreads like Exness and XM, their spreads are among the most competitive in the market. For EUR/USD or GBP/USD, the two most common currency pairs, the spread is ranged from 1 to 1.2 pips. If you’re interested in precious metals like gold, HotForex has the lowest spreads, only from 22 pips.

One more plus point of HotForex is that it has very rare slippages. I have almost never heard of anyone complaining about HotForex slippages.

HotForex trading conditions

HotForex has the following accounts:

  • Micro account for beginners
  • Premium account for experienced traders
  • Zero spread account (a type of ECN account) for experts

Like XM, HotForex also has an Islamic account.

Other features of HotForex are reasonable and acceptable for a long-time trader like me.

HotForex customer service

As a broker who focuses on the Asian market, HotForex set up many offices in Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore… Traders also can get support from their teams 24/5 through live chat and email.

FBS reviews

FBS reliability

FBS has regulations from CySEC (Cyprus) and IFSC (South Africa). Not many forex brokers can obtain a South African regulation, so South African traders should choose FBS if they need a good forex broker to work with.

FBS trading cost

FBS has very low spreads, which are usually around 1.1 pips. For ECN account, FBS commission is $6, an acceptable rate. Their minimum deposit is only $1, as low as Exness.

FBS trading conditions

FBS has a great payment system. In fact, it only comes second after Exness. Especially for Asian traders, FBS provides local banking services in almost all countries in Asia. You won’t have to pay overseas fees anymore when you trade with FBS.

FBS customer service

FBS has offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Myanmar, Korea, and Egypt. FBS support clients around the clock for English speakers on live chat. If clients cannot speak English, they will be supported 24/5.

FxPro reviews

Founded in 2006, FxPro is regulated by 3 financial organizations: CySEC since 2007, FCA since 2010, and FSCA since 2015. This shows they have grown over time to gain more trust from clients and authorities.

FxPro’s average spread is around 1.2 to 1.4 pips from market executions to instant executions.

FxPro has this MetaTrader suite trading platform, which provides traders with a wide range of trading options. That will help them maximize their profits no matter what trading strategy they choose.

FxPro can support traders in up to 32 languages, from Europe to Asia. It has offices in the U.K, Cyprus, Monaco, UAE, and Bahamas.

IG reviews

IG is a very old forex broker. It was founded way back in 1974. IG is famous for its security and regulations. It is regulated by up to 6 organizations: ASIC (Australia), JFSA (Japan), MAS (Singapore), FINMA (Switzerland), FCA (U.K), and CFTC (U.S).

IG spreads are really low, starting from 0.8 pip.

IG offers traders with various impressive trading platforms as well as trading tools like charts, additional platforms, special layouts… They have many functions. Trades of all levels can easily find a suitable one for their trading strategy.

IG focuses on European customers, so they mainly support customers in European languages like German, Italian, Austrian, Russian, Spanish, Portugese, or French… It’s quite hard to reach for traders in Asia.

OANDA reviews

OANDA is a famous forex broker among the community of professional traders in the forex market. OANDA has regulations from Canada (IIROC), U.S.(CFTC), U.K. (FCA), Australia (ASIC), and Japan (JFSA), the top financial organizations in the world. 

Their minimum deposit is only 1 dollar. Their spreads for the main currency pairs are around 1 to 1.2 pips. Especially in Singapore, you can enjoy spread as low as 0.3 pip.

OANDA’s special trading platform, the fxTrade, is fantastic when it comes to forex charts. It has up to 80 indicators as well as many more features. For example, you can show multiple currency pairs within one chart.

OANDA mainly serve traders in America so it supports foreign traders very little.

Saxo Bank reviews

Saxo Bank is one of the biggest forex brokerages nowadays with more than one million trades daily. It is considered very trustworthy and reliable thanks to the regulations of ASIC (Australia), SFC (Hong Kong), JFSA (Japan), MAS (Singapore), FINMA (Switzerland), and FCA (the United Kingdom). However, like I said before, too many regulations will lead to limitations, and Saxo Bank is not an exception.

For the Classic account, Saxo Bank requires traders to deposit at least 2000 dollars to start trading, a quite large amount for new traders. The Platinum account requires 5000 dollars and the VIP account (ECN account) demands 1 million.

Since the minimum deposit is pretty high, the spreads are lower at Saxo Bank. They are only around 0.9 pip for the main pairs. It can indicate that Saxo Bank is a broker for rich traders.

Saxo Bank doesn’t support the common platforms, MT4 and MT5, but its own platforms instead, which are SaxoTraderGO and SaxoTraderPRO.

It has offices in 15 countries, which is quite impressive.

CMC Markets reviews

CMC Markets is a well-appreciated forex broker from the U.K. It is famous for being one of the few forex brokers in the U.K that offer a wide range of trading instruments. It has forex regulations in Australia, Canada, Singapore, and of course the United Kingdom. Yet it doesn’t have the standard software security. So you need to keep one eye open when trading there.

This broker has relatively low spreads, only 0.7 pip for the main pairs. The commission for ECN account is $10, an acceptable fee.

The one drawback of this broker is that it doesn’t have a social trading platform for investors.

CMC Markets has offices in 14 countries across the world. You can easily find the addresses of those offices on their website. However, they support in only 14 languages from the 14 countries so traders from areas may have a hard time finding assistance. reviews is a broker with regulations from the U.S, Canada, the U.K, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and the Cayman Islands. However, traders in the U.S cannot trade forex.

Their spreads are quite high, at about 1.4 pips for the major pairs. They have very little rebates and almost no bonus program. Moreover, they are not equipped with the feature negative balance protection, so traders must be cautious and should not do risky moves.

However, is famous for its mobile and desktop trading platforms. They are packed with multiple chart types and features as well as tools.

When trading with, I found that their customer service team usually took pretty long to answer my questions. So please be patient if you decide to trade with this forex broker.

most reliable fx brokers


The above are our current list of forex brokers in the world. Top6forexbrokers hope that after you learn all their advantages and disadvantages, you can decide who is suitable for you based on where you’re from, what strategy you’re using, what you’re looking for at the top trusted forex brokers, and how much help you need.

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