Forex trading is popular now in the world and Thailand is an Asian country that develops this field too. The same with other markets of forex, Thai traders also search for the best forex brokers in Thailand so that they can trade safely and apply all the trading strategies better. Right in this article, I will some significant factors for traders to judge and find out what the best brokers are now in Thailand. Summarily, best brokers have some prompt features such at the trading cost, payment systems, the scams, or things about the platform or support service…

I now give you the ranking of top four best brokers in Thailand then you can review more details on why they are rated at that level

  1. – 8/10
  2. – 7.5/10
  3. – 7.5/10
  4. FXTM – 6.5/10

Best brokers serve locally 

Traders in Thailand or any where else can face a lot of problems that they need the answers for. The best brokers see it a real matter and they serve the local people with local office that traders with issues about trading or their payment can meet the staff in person. In Thailand, Exness, XM, FxPro and FXTM are the brokers satisfy their clients with this style of support very well. 

More importantly, the best forex brokers in the world also install the system of clerks that can speak Thai to help Thai traders who can not convey their problem clearly in English. Besides, brilliant brokers like Exness and XM operate their local office within all day so they can help any brokers in need at any time of a day. 

Best brokers have little trading cost

Brokers from UK and US market are not the perfect markets for traders from Asian or especially Thai traders. The reason is that UK or US brokers ask more for the fee when they work with traders who are not from UK or US countries. This situation raises the rate of deposit with 1% to 4% by Credit Card for Asian traders and they get back only 5% for benefit after such a long time. Then it is not wise to choose UK or US brokers with a payment strategy that cause too much loss for traders. The brokers with local payment policy are more liked. 

As a result, I have traded a lot and learned a lot about brokers who have best payment method in Thailand. It is totally satisfactory to say that the top four brokers above have their bank in Thailand that help the payment process run quickly. The banks that these brokers place in Thailand are Krung Thai Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Bangkok Bank, Bank of Ayudhya, and Kasikorn Bank and so on. Furthermore, these brokers build a system that helps traders finish their payments online, which is Internet payment with Perfect Money, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill, and Cashu. 

About this aspect, Exness win over the other brokers with the fact that they develop their system with 30 different methods and they deal with the withdrawal or deposit just in minutes  which is faster than any others and the fee clients have to pay with local payments is even in zero number.

Best brokers can prove their credibility 

Getting the regulation in Asia is quite tough and that any brokers that own regulations can show their credibility. Licenses or regulations are from profit and non-profit agencies or organizations. These organizations also have an  agreement on some rules that brokers should follow in general. For example, brokers will be governed about the limitation of leverage and operation fund or segregated and accounts or their addresses for trading to avoid being cheated…


Admittedly, with more than one or two licenses like US, brokers now usually have higher trading cost, particularly commission and spread. Therefore, more licenses do not mean more perfection. Even, these brokers with too many licenses will not serve the best trading platform and payment systems. So then how many licenses are enough? Like I just said one or two are perfect. Exness is the one that have only CySEC and FCA and they even do their business so well with the trading volume at the highest level among all, about 400 $ billions every month, or with XM who does not have a lot licenses but earn 300$ for trading volume monthly and FxPro with 100$ in the same period.Now you know how to find the best forex brokers in Thailand. Let’s start trading forex today.

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