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Since 2016, Exness has been recognized as the forex broker with the largest trading volume in the world. Not only that, Exness also provides very effective account security. For example: If your account has abnormal activity such as depositing a large amount of money at the same time, the exchange will automatically freeze your account to conduct identity and money verification before allowing you to trade again. . This is very beneficial for professional traders who invest big. That’s why today we’re going to show you how to open Exness account as well as how to deposit/withdraw at Exness.

How to open Exness account 

  1. Go to
  2. There is an “OPEN ACCOUNT” button that really stands out on the site.
  3. Put in your phone number, email, and a password.
  4. Two verification codes will be sent to your phone as well as email. Verify your phone number and email.
  5. Input your basic personal information: full name and date of birth.
  6. Next is Security Settings. You can either choose your phone number or email. Then you have to choose a secret security word.
  7. Next is the required information: ID number, nationality, zip code, and address.

And that’s it. Now you only need to verify your account and it is done. You will verify your account by:

  • Uploading pictures of your ID.
  • Verify your address by uploading pictures of your driving licence, bank statements or bills.

That’s the last steps of how to open Exness account. You can see more about Exness account types.

How to deposit/withdraw at Exness

How to deposit money into your Exness account

First, you need to log in your Exness account. There will be a Deposit button on the left of your screen.

Here are all deposit methods of Exness right now:

  • Bitcoin: minimum 0 USD 
  • Tether: minimum 1 USD 
  • SticPay: minimum 1 USD 
  • Internet Banking: minimum 15 USD 
  • Nganluong: minimum 1 USD 
  • Credit Card: minimum 3 USD 
  • Neteller: minimum 10 USD 
  • Skrill: minimum 10 USD 
  • Cashu: minimum 1 USD 
  • Internal Transfer: minimum 1 USD 

Next, you just need to choose a method. After that, just put in the required information of the chosen method and it will be done in just seconds.

How to withdraw money into your Exness account

Similar to deposit, you need to log into your account and choose the Withdraw button on the left. Now, the withdrawal method must be the same as your deposit method. If you deposit by Credit cards, you have to withdraw to your credit cards as well. The process is basic just as any other online transactions.

Notes on Exness

Any forex floor has certain advantages and disadvantages. Exness too, there are still many disadvantages that make many inexperienced traders bewildered before joining:

  • Registration procedure is too cumbersome, unnecessary information makes many new traders hesitate to register.
  • An unexpectedly locked account due to security management is also what makes fastidious traders unhappy about Exness. To fix this, you should split the deposit amount each time and use a fixed IP to login.
  • In addition, although Exness spread and commission are low, the slippage and spread widens when the market fluctuates by news. Although it is natural, this directly affects the profits of traders, but Exness has no specific handling policy.

Compared to other forex brokers, Exness is said to be one of the most reliable and worth-trying brokers in Asia today. While there aren’t too many promotions and bonuses, Exness scores for transparency and security. This is what many professional traders prefer and trust in this broker. If you’re new to this field, don’t be afraid to give it a try and learn how to open Exness account.




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