If you just start trading forex, you must have heard the name FxPro somewhere. That’s because FxPro is widely considered as one of the best forex brokers for beginners. Let’s see why in this full FxPro review.

FxPro review

FxPro’s reliability

It was conceived very early but after preparing everything complete Fxpro has officially appeared in 2006. Since its inception, Fxpro has expanded successfully to serve individual and institutional customers. in more than 150 countries. When mentioning Fxpro, no one does not know the name of this broker, which shows that the company’s coverage is really successful in the world. The proof of this success is the prestigious award: The UK’s most trusted Forex brand 2017 voted by global brand magazines and over 60 other prestigious awards.

Strong trading platform with fast servers

In addition to MT4, MT5 Fxpro also provides investors with proprietary tools, Fxpro cTrader and Fxpro Edge. The software at Fxpro is highly appreciated by professional investors and considered it a guideline for a lot of in-depth analysis. The evidence for this success is the number of more than 7000 orders executed per second and over 37 billion transactions made by the end of 2018.

The perfect account for beginners

If we have never used an Fxpro account, this will be a good opportunity for you to test your trading on real accounts with extremely low risk when using a micro account. Fxpro recommends that traders on all types of accounts start from $500 and more. In our opinion, this is a very good advice for traders who are about to enter the market. High financial leverage is a double-edged sword and the knife user needs to be very focused and grasp the fundamentals of capital management in order to make a long and steady profit in the market.

If you have $500 in your Micro account, it seems that the risk of losing this amount is extremely low because you have up to 50,000 pips to raise capital and the truth in the fluctuating 50000 pips market is unthinkable. So you can be confident to try all the strategies until you practice it completely and step onto the bigger stage with orders of 0.1 lots or more.

Strong research team

Very few exchanges have a strong analytical team of over 200 experts involved in bringing the strategy to investors across the globe. They are real traders and have in-depth knowledge of all market fluctuations and pay their own money. So you will experience and receive failure or listen to the practical advice of experts. Fxpro always has ways for you to feel more secure with non-stop support.

Global marketing system

No trading platform has ever invested in brand advertising like Fxpro, you can see this brand in every corner of the website and forum. It is the trust of customers that has helped Fxpro have a stronger foothold.

Convenient deposit/withdrawal system

Deposit and withdrawal methods are very diverse and prestigious such as Ngan Luong (unlimited withdrawals), Local bank transfer, Bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Union Pay. In these forms we appreciate the form of Ngan Luong when the problem of withdrawal is not limited like Visa or Mastercard.

FxPro review

Fxpro is a reliable option where you can decide to deposit your spare money to generate passive income. We expect Fxpro will try harder to create more outstanding trading products and trading platforms to best serve investors’ interests.

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