Recently the forex broker FBS seems quite popular in the community of traders. But there are still opinions like: “Professional traders do not like this broker because of the bonus.” So the question here is: should you be trading at FBS? Is FBS trust-worthy? Is FBS a scam? You can find the answers here in this full FBS review.

I started trading FBS in 2011. But back then I did not stay long with this broker because the spread at that time was quite high, the broker was very slow order execution and heavy slippages. I only traded there for a short time and then left. In June 2016, I returned to trade at FBS because it was quite popular in Vietnam at this time with many welcome bonus programs (free is still like). After coming back to trading, I was quite surprised about the very good changes of the broker. Here I will list the reasons you should choose FBS broker.

FBS review

FBS deposit and withdrawal are fast and cheap

This can be considered as the biggest advantage of FBS. FBS works with many Asian local banks. Because it can be charged via domestic banks, the deposit fee is very low compared to recharging via Visa and e-wallet channels. Also when recharging you also get bonuses up to 100%.

FBS has a variety of accounts for all levels

If you are new to forex and have been trading on a demo account for at least 1 month, you are ready to trade real accounts. But since you are inexperienced, start with the Cent account of FBS.

For Cent account, you only have to put in only $10 to your account and you will get 1000 cents. You can view this 1,000 cents as $1,000 and trade for experience. I advise you never to be greedy but trade a lot of money without experience. Most successful traders start trading with cents accounts. Over 85% of beginners lose when starting forex trading, so trade your Cent account in order to ensure you still have money when you have enough knowledge.

If you don’t like high spreads, difficult to control, you can trade Zero account. This account’s spread is zero but you must pay a transaction fee. And the lowest fee is $20 depending on the currency pair you trade.

FBS offers very low spreads

We have been using a lot of programs to compare the spread of FBS forex broker with other big brokers such as Exness or XM. The spread of FBS is usually the best. For EUR/USD pair, it is usually less than 1.2 pip. In addition, FBS also has a Zero account with a commission of $20 for EUR/USD. This is an extremely low rate for EUR/USD.

Great customer service

FBS has a very strong support team that can assist customers in various languages. Therefore, you don’t have to worry whenever you have problems. Just contact them for support. In addition, I find that they are very enthusiastic to answer customer questions posted online or on Facebook. In general, the support I find FBS is quite good compared to other foreign forex brokers.

FBS review

Also, FBS has many offices in many countries. You should check out the addresses on their site to see if they have one in your country.

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