By | 12 December, 2019

Forex trading is exploding in this era. Many people are rushing to participate in it. However, a lot of traders get scammed and lose all of their money. How can you protect yourself in this enormous market? Well, you should choose the most trusted brokers in the industry because they are safe to trade with. is an excellent example. Let’s take a closer look at this broker in our full review to see why they are chosen by so many forex traders.

You should know:

Reliability was founded in 1999 by GAIN Capital Group. Their mother company has joined the New York Stock Exchange so they are really reliable. In terms of forex regulations, has the regulations of CFTC, NFA, and FSA.

  • is a member of NFA and FSA. (When choosing an account, you should only choose which member belongs to NFA and FSA to have absolute peace of mind)
  • has won many forex awards.
  • Almost all long-time traders in the world appreciate the quality of’s services.

Trading conditions

Transaction fee has the lowest in the international market. The main pairs are from 1 to 3 pips, Gold spread is from 4 to 6 pips.

  • No commission fee.
  • No deposit fee.
  • No fee for cash withdrawal. There are no fees to withdraw money via card.
  • Minimum margin allowed is only: $ 250 (you only need $ 250 to open a trading account of gold and foreign exchange)
  • Allow trading with a very small lot size: 0.01 lot is suitable for traders to practice without having to worry about losing, because 0.01 lot is a very small amount.

Trading platform

The Meta 4 software of supports a lot of technical analysis tools and especially, there is a department that provides updates on economic index news, the economic situation continuously helps investors keep informed. Fastest and fastest.

Because Forex is a reputable financial platform with the leading quality in the international arena, never uses the bonus promotions bonus% of the deposit to the account like some of the unusual small exchanges. do. That’s the difference between a big name financial exchange and other small exchanges. If you pay close attention you will clearly see this.

Money security issues: This issue, every broker ensures a good security for investors. The main security here is money security. Therefore, in UK, they make the deposit and withdrawal of their accounts very seriously as follows:

Deposit money: recharge via Visa Debit card. The cardholder’s name must be the full name of the trading account holder (at UK) to make a deposit. So even if someone knows all our personal information or account information like passwords, it is impossible to withdraw our money.


After this full review, we can see that this broker is a very reliable one. They have low prices and great trading platforms. The only drawback of, in my opinion, is their customer service.



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