Exness has long been the number one choice for forex traders all over the world, especially in Asia. Just look at their trading volume. In 2019, they are the broker who has the highest trading volume in the world. Most of them come from Standard account users. Why is Standard account the most chosen account of Exness? Let’s find out here. 

In this Exness Standard account review, you will be able to see some of the main characteristics of this type of account and you will see if it is something that you can use in your favor.

How is a Standard account at Exness

The Standard account at Exness is one of the most popular accounts at the Exness group.

According to the Exness statistics, over 80% of the traders at Exness prefer to choose the Standard account over the other accounts just because this account does not require any kind of minimum deposit.

Additionally, the minimum trading volume is 0.01 lots, the low spread is from 0.3, and to close with good news, the high push is unlimited.

The truth is that the Exness Standard account is the most popular account type for the reasons already said.

This is one of the most competitive features, and it is definitely one of the most common choices for professional Forex traders.

The most important reason is the fact that it requires very little money to open and trade with, which makes it a great choice for Forex beginners as well, because it is necessary not to spend a lot of money or risking all your capital when you are getting started in the world of trading since you haven’t learned how to work with your trading strategy.

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Advantages of the Exness Standard account

  • Power: it has unlimited leverage, which means that you only need to deposit a truly small amount of money to open large positions.
  • Low Cost: You can open this account for as little as 1 USD and make trades as small as 0.01 lots.
  • Transparency: in this account, there are no commissions or hidden fees to trade.
  • Freedom:  A great thing about trading with this account is that there are more than 120 currency pairs and precious metals like gold and silver; you can even find cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin;  you can definitely trade anything you want.

Exness Standard account is famous for its low cost and great trading conditions. That’s why 80% of Exness clients choose this account. I hope that you’re satisfied with this Exness Standard account review.

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