CMC Markets is a broker based in the UK, it can be said that CMC trading floor with a huge number of transactions per day + CFD (contracts for difference) has been expanding the market globally. Established in 1989, in 2016, CMC was officially listed on the UK stock market (CMCX) and was valued at 1 billion USD – his name became one of the major technology IPOs.


As of this year, CMC has been serving more than 60000 guests worldwide, with 15 representative offices around the world.

The operation license of this forex exchange is under FCA control right after the issuance of bitcoin trading service as CFD. Besides, the IROC (Canada) license acts as an agent from the UK and from Australia. Some branches are also managed by the Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS), FMA in New Zealand. All of these licenses ensure CMC’s compliance and compliance with economic terms, affirming that CMC Markets is an organization with a worldwide presence.

Trading platforms

This is also known as the most optimal customer support trading platform, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, you can use it fluently (take the time to watch the instructions). CMC trading platforms provide:

+ Metatrader4 (MT4): this is a software that allows players to trade foreign exchange with various financial products (gold). The issuer of this trading platform is most forex players suitable for their players

+ MetaTrader5 (MT5): this is an electronic trading platform that allows players to trade foreign exchange.

+ Other financial products such as goods that the exchange provides (stock, gold) and also can access the data center from the market supply center.

+ New generation platform: wait for a new generation platform from CMC Markets, it will be upgraded to HTML5 – they will take CMC to a new level, reaching the standards of web browsers. Besides, they also integrate many features from simple to complex, along with many convenient support utilities for investors.

CMC Markets account types

CMC Markets offers traders two types of account in total: Demo and Standard account.

CMC Markets Demo account

Forex beginners often choose this trading account because of the following advantages:

  • Account available on computer and mobile applications
  • In the account up to 10000 pounds for players to trade
  • Many trading tools
  • The setup process is simple, fast and rarely has problems
  • You do not need to provide any debit or credit card information.
  • Can learn to play for a long time without any restrictions at all.

For beginners who are getting used to CMC, the demo is the account to choose the most. CMC Markets allows you to place bets on all goods supplied there with accurate measurement tools.

CMC Markets Standard account

This is an account for players who already know and start making real money from trading with CMC markets already. The minimum margin for standard is $1 based on the platform, this account can be opened for a specific trading plan.

CMC Markets in the nutshell

CMC is chosen by a large number of traders in the world.

  • Long operating life shows that this is a reputable forex floor
  • Scope of operations globally for the currency pair and CFD competition
  • Good support platform
  • High transparency (subject to world financial management’s parties)
  • Competitive minimum deposit is high compared to forex exchanges around the world: IG, Exness, Saxo bank, XTB, ..
  • Diverse instruments (more than 10,000)

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