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Our story

To be honest, Top6forexbrokers was born from my failures in the forex market. That’s right. 5 years ago, when I first set foot in this industry, I started trading with multiple different forex brokers. The result was: I lost a lot of money. There were many reasons explaining my failure but I think the most significant one was the lack of knowledge.

I mistakenly thought that forex trading is all about luck. I didn’t think it through and studied nothing beforehand. The failure was obvious. When I realized my mistake, I got up and learned everything I could about forex trading from teachers as well as traders.

Now after 2 years of intensive learning and trading, I have mastered the basics as well as the most complicated forex trading strategies. I can predict market trends, analyze charts, as well as guide other beginners. People start to respect the experience I have gained in this market.

But now there were too many questions coming to me every minute. I decided that the best way to answer them all is to build a website and share all my experience there. And that’s Top6forexbrokers, a place with many benefits for traders like:

  • Honest information
  • Objective, unbiased reviews
  • Helpful tips
  • Expert knowledge
  • Untold secrets
  • Reliable, unique points of view

Our team

When the website celebrated its one year anniversary, I have gathered a team of like-minded traders and experts in this field. They all have quite an amount of knowledge and experience in this market. Each studies different aspects of forex trading like: market, strategies, brokers… so that we can provide information about everything. We believe that we can support traders from all around the world in keeping up with the world trends as well as trading safely and profitably.

Our mission

Top6forexbrokers aims at traders in the early stages. They are inexperienced and the most vulnerable in the market. They are the ones who need as much help as possible. We will never hesitate to share information to everyone on reliable forex brokers because we want to bring sustainable profits, safety, and confidence to traders in the world.

We would like to make sure that everything here at Top6forexbrokers is true, unbiased, and unique. We want to offer you the expert’s view on the global forex market thanks to our rich knowledge and many years of experience in trading.

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