If you are looking for a reliable and professional forex broker from the US, look no further. I believe that Oanda is the top choice for you. This is a very big and famous forex broker that has been in this market for many years. Let’s go into details in this full Oanda review.

History and regulations

Oanda Group was established in 1996 and has been in the forex market for 23 years. They have experienced over 4 major economic crises, large and small, instead of being battered, Oanda still stands due to proper risk management along with developing a modern trading platform to best serve the transaction of customers thereby creating great confidence in each investor.Oanda Group has offices throughout the world, large and small, along with online support that is spreading the hand of the exchange to more than 200 countries across the globe. Every day Oanda is supporting millions of traders under the extremely strict management of the management agencies of FCA, ASIC, IIROC. Now if you mention Oanda, all veteran investors will think of prestige and peace of mind. Reputable because investors rarely suffer from problems related to money or software. Peace of mind because the company has existed and flourished for 23 years.

Trading cost

In terms of trading fees, Oanda is actually quite great. It does not require any minimum deposit to start trading. Oanda’s spreads are pretty wide, around 1.4, 1.5 pips. For commission, it charges $7 for every completed trade, a quite low price compared to other top brokers in the region.


Although it has existed for a long time, the number of loyal customers is large, but never has Oanda stopped developing, especially technology. Technology is an extremely important part of every customer’s transactions, whether or not their orders match quickly is due to the platform. No competition for spreads because perhaps any forex broker is applying this form. Stable and collaborative platform with leading organizations in the financial and media industry such as Bloomberg, deloitte, Johnson Control, DHG is bringing confidential information that can only be accessed by Oanda customers. As a partner from the early days of MQL5, both sides always create close links in order to quickly handle technical errors that may occur during investor transactions. Oanda chooses to maintain the long-standing MT4 platform to consolidate the best stability for their customers.

OANDA broker

Professional develop and research team

Oanda has an in-depth technology research department, especially with huge improvements in the technical charting system, and the company’s customers have access to easy-to-understand chart types with entry and exit positions. Translation of resistance areas is formed by purely technical factors. Along with that, the cooperation with leading information organizations will notify investors as quickly as possible. In addition, the analytical department at Oanda is a veteran financial expert who has experienced the most difficult financial times, providing the best customer experience. To an analytical level you will sometimes feel that the analytical factor may not be the most important but important when you should take advantage and when you should refuse the immediate opportunity. Experienced experts at Oanda will tell you when it is time to take advantage of the power of the market and where to rest.


With the seasoning in the financial field, the reputation has built and developed the Oanda forex floor to this day, trusted and traded by millions of investors. If you are interested in how much you trade safely and the most modern technology forex trading floor Oanda will be an optimal choice.

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